Do Aliens Exist?
UFOs- "Do Aliens Exist?" Alien Hybrid Movie

Alien Secrets-A new web site station to help track and present updates on
UFO Sightings, Alien Abduction Experiences and Alien/Human/Hybrids.
Our goal is to bring you information directly from those who are having the experiences.


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Alien Secrets the Movie
Secrets From The Underground
Secrets from the Underground will be revealing a new secret about the alien/human hybrid phenomena in each new research interview issue. Case studies and research investigations of hundreds of people around the world and in our local neighborhoods, show that there can be Alien Human Hybrids living with us and could be found just about everywhere you look.

FO Extreme is a sci-fi reality web series about Paranormal
Investigators who capture UFOs and paranormal events on videotape. Over the course of a five day investigation in Topanga Canyon, California we follow Danichi, Brandon, Jennifer, Anastasia and Sean Crayton as they encounter and document remarkable UFOs. Paranormal events were documented as they occurred
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A clever send up of the UFO genre based on UFO investigator Brandon Scott's real life escapades as he explores the subculture with a biting edge and wit. Brandon plays a parody of himself, which takes on a wild ride that at times seems like a cross between X-Files and Spinal Tap. Follow Brandon as he cleverly navigates his way through the world of Hollywood Celebrities, UFO Abductees and Alien-Human Hybrids while dogging a shadow government agent bent on stopping his findings. This offbeat and quirky sci-fi hybrid film is sprinkled with real life people from the UFO community and actually people claiming to be alien-human hybrids. With over twenty original songs, real UFO footage and daring subject matter, this provocative film is sure to be a cult sensation.

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Distributed on VOD 2007-2008 by Warner Home Entertainment and Polychrome Pictures.

This unusual subject matter is presented with wry humor including original songs and real UFO footage and it's sure to be a cult fave -Marci Marks Studio City Sun

Sometimes we get movie news that is so different we cannot help but let you know about it. So it is with Alien Secrets -

This movie is the most important story ever told - Todd Mills Executive Producer Timothy Leary is Dead

Brandon Scott, Spike Steingasser, Budd Hopkins, Intergalactic Diva

Best Feature Film 2006 EBE Awards

Film Festivals:
2006 EBE Awards

Title #241605
Format: DVD-R